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The Many Benefits of Marriage…

Many benefits are bestowed with marriage. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • • Protection of Children under the Marriage
  • • Joint Parenting Rights (Insurance Coverage, School Records, etc.)
  • • Child Custody in the case of divorce or separation
  • • Tax Breaks (Income Tax, Property Tax, etc.)
  • • Insurance Benefits & Discounts (Health, Auto, Life, Property)
  • • Immigration Rights
  • • U.S. Citizenship for Children born into or adopted in the Marriage
  • • Visitation of Partner in Hospital
  • • Right to Make Medical Decisions on Behalf of Spouse
  • • Sick Leave to Care for Partner
  • • Bereavement Leave
  • • Burial Determination
  • • Inheritance
  • • Assumption of Spouse’s Pension
  • • Social Security Survivor Benefits
  • • Mortgage and Lease Assumption Rights
  • • Exemption from Property Tax on Partner’s Death
  • • Wrongful Death (Loss of Consortium) Benefits

Your family should have these benefits!

In addition to these benefits (above), marriage also brings the social and personal acknowledgement of, and celebrates, the holiness of a couple’s commitment to each other and to their family.

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