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Happy Clients…


“My husband — who was then my fiancée — was stationed with the U.S. Marines in Iraq. Dream Makers made everything so very easy for us. They even guided us in filling out our 10922 Form for upgrade of our BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing). It feels great to really be married and to know that my children and me are protected and have all of the benefits that we very much need. Thank you Dream Makers for everything that you’ve done to make our dream possible!”

Maria Sanchez, Tucson, AZ


“Dream Makers helped us to get married in Brazil, without either of us ever needing to travel there. This allowed my wife to obtain the right to reside with me, and work, in the U.K. Now we’re happier than can be in Manchester, our real home.”

Robert Humphrey, Manchester, England


“My husband and I were married before — when I was 17 and he was 18 — because we had a son together. But we got divorced only a year later. Back then, it was too much pressure on two people so young. I have to say that we both got a bit confused back then. After that, we both enlisted in the Navy, which really straightened us both out and helped us both to grow up a lot. And after four years of maturing, we came to realize that we were (and are) truly meant for each other and we decided to marry each other again, this time knowing what we were doing. Unfortunately, by the time that we decided to marry each other again, we were each serving the Navy on a different part of the planet. We were so happy to find Dream Makers’! Dream Maker’s personal service was amazing! They really cared a lot about what this marriage meant (and means) to us. We chose to do a live proxy wedding, and the folks at Dream Makers made sure that our event was the very best. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dream Makers.”

Amanda Jenkins, Clearwater, FL