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Our 100%-Satisfaction Guarantee…

At Dream Makers’ Services, Ltd., our aim is to deliver the highest quality of client care in facilitating your proxy marriage. To this end we are pledged.

Guarantee of Timeliness: If, after you have retained us and paid us in full, we fail to provide you with two (2) Certified Marriage Certificates within three (3) weeks, we will, upon written request (an e-mail will suffice), refund 100% of the money that you have paid us, with the caveat that it is not incumbent upon us to make such a refund if the reason for the delay is on the part of the client (i.e. client’s delay in getting us required information, full payment, etc.) or because if the delay caused purely by a governmental or quasi-governmental entity.

Guarantee of Legal Recognition: Your proxy marriage will be legally recognized by every U.S. State and territory, by the U.S. Federal Government and the U.S. Military (consummation is required in some instances), and by all foreign nations which recognize U.S. marriages, or we’ll refund 100% of the money that you’ve paid to us.

Cancellation Prior to Officiation: At any time after you have retained us and paid us in full, but before such time as your proxy marriage has been officiated and is of record, if you should choose to cancel your proxy marriage, by giving us written notice to that effect (an e-mail will suffice), we will refund 100% of the money that you have paid us.

Committed to Serving You: Dream Makers’ Services relies on its outstanding reputation and on the referrals provided by our satisfied clients (with over 82% of our clients coming to us by way of referrals from prior clients).

We very much appreciate your thoughts on our level of service, and we hope, if you’re so inclined, that you may tell others of how well we serve you in regards to your proxy marriage.