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Marrying a Foreign Citizen

If you’re a United States citizen, Military or Non-Military, and desire to marry a foreign citizen, we can assist you in becoming legally married such that your marriage will be recognized throughout the United States of America and in almost all foreign nations. There are no travel or residency requirements involved in this process. Moreover, your marriage can be solemnized, and the official Marriage Certificate can be in your hands within 3 weeks from the moment that you begin.

Under U.S. Immigration Law a proxy marriage is considered valid if the marriage takes place in a jurisdiction where proxy marriages are legal, provided that the marriage is subsequently consummated.

Even before the marriage is consummated, the fact of being married gives a higher priority to K-1 Visas because it demonstrates greater “serious intent.”


Apostille Certificate
If you need to submit your Marriage Certificate to any foreign government office, you’ll need to order an Apostille Certificate. Please ask us about this.