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Frequently Asked Questions…

    • How much does a Proxy Marriage cost?
    Dream Makers’ Services facilitates proxy marriages such that our
    quoted fees include everything. By “everything,” we mean
    absolutely all service fees, application and filing fees, proxy fees,
    legal fees, web fees, and all other facilitation expenses and fees.
    (There is no tax.) We provide all of this for:

    • • Traditional Single Proxy Marriage: $885 (Non-Military)
    • • Traditional Double Proxy Marriage: starting at $625 (Non-Military)
    • • Live Proxy Marriage: starting at $950 (Non-Military)

    Military Discount
    Also, we give a Military Discount to active or honorably-discharged U.S. Military in appreciation of their service to America. With this Military Discount, our prices start at:

    • • Traditional Double Proxy Marriage:

      • • $575 (after one Military discount)
      • • $540 (after two Military discounts)
      • Live Proxy Marriages: starting at $885
    • If we live in a State which doesn’t have a statute which provides for proxy marriages, will a Marriage Certificate, which results from a proxy marriage in Montana, Texas, Colorado, or Brazil, be recognized in my State?
    Yes; all of the proxy marriages, which are facilitated by Dream Makers’ Services, Ltd., are legally recognized by all U.S. States (including Iowa*) and all U.S. territories. These proxy marriages are also immediately recognized by all branches of the United States Federal Government, with one minor caveat: U.S. Immigration recognizes all proxy marriages only after they have been consummated. Nations, throughout the world, recognize these proxy marriages in the same way that they recognize non-proxy marriages which are solemnized in the United States.
    • If my fiancé is serving overseas in the United States Military, can we become legally married while he’s serving overseas?
    Yes; this is precisely the purpose of the proxy marriages which are facilitated by Dream Makers’ Services.
    • I’m a U.S. citizen and my fiancée is a foreign citizen. How does U.S. Immigration treat a proxy marriage?
    U.S. Immigration will recognize your proxy marriage after it has been consummated. Moreover, even before your proxy marriage is consummated, U.S. Immigration generally gives preferential treatment to your fiancées immigration status.
    • If we become married by proxy, can we still have a wedding, wherein both the bride and groom are present, together in the same physical location, along with family and friend at a later time?
    Of course! And many of our clients choose to do this. After becoming legally married by proxy, you can certainly have a more-traditional wedding in a physical location, and it’s our experience that doing this has never diminished the excitement and joy shared by all attendees of the subsequent wedding celebration. Along these lines, you might also consider a Live Proxy Marriage.
    • How do we arrange for a proxy marriage?
    Simply click here to get started:

    * To be recognized as legally valid pursuant to Iowa State Law, marriages, which are originated via proxy, must be further perfected; moreover, additional processing is required. Please inform us if you will need your proxy marriage to be recognized under Iowa State Law.

    The U.S. Federal Government, including the U.S. Armed Forces will recognize your proxy marriage as being legally valid, no matter where you or your future spouse may be stationed or otherwise located, even if either of you reside or hold marital property in Iowa.