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Hello! It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

I’m James Lamson, the Operations Manager of Dream Makers’.

When I was asked to become the Operations Manager for Dream Makers’ Marriage Services, I jumped at the opportunity!

Truth be told, there’s a good chance that my wife, Sarah, and myself might not even be married today had it not been for our discovery of marriage by proxy. Now, we’re a very happy family, with two wonderful daughters. We’ve truly been blessed! And it’s among our greatest joys to be able to help other couples and families to each find their unique bliss.

We’re very excited about the great strides that we, at Dream Makers’, have been making in terms of developing our operations so that we can better serve our wonderful clients. Some of these recent improvements include:

    (*) Best Price Options for Montana Double Proxy Marriages

    We’re proud to serve those who serve us in the U.S. Armed Forces, by providing the best price options for obtaining a Montana Double Proxy Marriage. Our price options, for those in the military, include the lowest prices available anywhere (as low as $540) and span the gamut up to our supreme service Platinum Package (at up to $925).

    (*) Better Price Options Generally:

    We now offer Regular, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages for nearly all of the types of marriages which we facilitate. This allows us to provide faster, more-extensive service to those clients who really need it, while, at the same time, allowing us to provide lower prices to those for whom price is the paramount issue. The “Better Price Options” also allow our clients to have a clear understanding as to what they may rightfully expect, based upon the particular package that a client has opted for.

    (*) Local Representatives, Numbers, & Hours in the Many Countries which We Serve:

    To augment our U.S. Toll-free number (1-877-427-7699), we’ve recently added on local service representatives, with local phone numbers and local hours, in many of the countries which we serve, including: Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Germany.

    (*) Better Technology for Live Proxy Marriages
    (*) Less-Expensive International Double Proxy Marriages:

    El Salvador Double Proxy Marriages allow us to supplant the more expensive Brazilian Double Proxy Marriages in all but a few cases in which extraordinary circumstances necessitate the Brazilian option.

At Dream Makers’ Marriage Services, Ltd., we strive to provide you with the marriage solutions which best serve your particular needs while, at the same time, honoring you, as the unique bride, groom, and couple who you are. If there’s anything that we can do to make your experience even better, please don’t hesitate to ask.

James Lamson
Operations Manager for Dream Makers’ Marriage Services, Ltd.