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Congratulations on Your

Upcoming Marriage!

We specialize in Proxy Marriages…

A proxy marriage is a marriage wherein a representative, known as a
proxy, stands in for the bride or the groom, or both. Proxy marriages
may be performed in those instances wherein, due to logistical
challenges, it is difficult to get the bride and groom together, physically,
at the same time and place. In a double proxy marriage, proxies stand in for both the bride and groom.

Dream Makers’ specializes in proxy marriages which are custom-designed to honor the uniquenesses of each couple. We serve both Military and Non-Military.

We offer several general options for proxy marriage, each one of which
may be further customized, including:

    (a) Live Proxy Marriage: In a Live Proxy Marriage, the
    bride, the groom, wedding party, and guests, as well as the
    officiant and proxies, meet in a combination of cyberspace
    and real space (a real physical location or multiple locations),
    in order that the marriage may be solemnized and celebrated

    The cyberspace (web) portion of the ceremony allows for
    “live” voice and webcam interaction of all participants
    attending via the web as well as any participants who may be
    at a physical location or locations.

    The cyberspace (web) portion may be designed and
    decorated to a virtually infinite degree of exquisiteness
    (including a Photo Book or Video Book of the bride and
    groom, Toasts, Party Games, Guest Interaction, etc.).

    (b) Traditional Double Proxy Marriage: In a Traditional
    Double Proxy Marriage, both the bride and the groom are
    represented by proxies.

    If one of either the groom or the bride are on active duty in
    any branch of the United States Armed Forces OR is a
    resident of the State of Montana, then the double proxy
    marriage is solemnized in Montana. If either party to the
    marriage is actively enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, then
    neither of them needs to have residency in Montana.

    If neither the bride nor the groom is active in the United
    States Military or claims residency in Montana, then the
    double proxy marriage is solemnized in El Salvador or Brazil.
    Neither of these jurisdictions has any residency requirements
    in order for the marriage to be obtained in these jurisdictions.

    Neither Montana, El Salvador, or Brazil requires any travel
    there. Moreover, U.S. citizenship is not required for these
    jurisdictions. Double proxy marriages solemnized in all of
    these jurisdictions are recognized as being legally-valid
    throughout the United States of America as well as the entire
    rest of the world.

    (c) Traditional Single Proxy Marriage: If either one of
    the bride or the groom can arrange to be present in either
    Colorado or Texas, (or in Montana, Kansas, or California,
    subject to certain conditions), for the purposes of
    solemnizing their marriage, then Dream Makers’ Services,
    Ltd., may offer a Traditional Single Proxy Marriage.

    In a Traditional Single Proxy Marriage, neither the bride nor
    the groom are required to be in the U.S. Military, except for
    marriages solemnized in California. No U.S. citizenship is
    necessary in any of these States. Also, none of the
    aforementioned States require residency in order to become
    married in them.

    Proxy marriages solemnized in Colorado, Texas, Montana,
    Kansas, and California are recognized as being legally-valid
    throughout the United States of America as well as the entire
    rest of the world.


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